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Sisay Tesfaye agricultural development is established by dedicated young local enterprenur in 2008/2009 G.C.Crop year on an area of 614 hectores which is acquired from southern nations and nationalities people reginal state (S.N.N.P.R.S) on lease basis for 45 years.

The farm is located in south omo zone Gnangatom wereda Aypa kebele beside Omo River which is the source of irrigation water for the srounding commercial farms .The area of the farm would be expected to reach 1200 hectores and the process is on the way for the additional area of about 600 hectores beside the existing farm area.

Sisay Tesfaye agricultural development is situated on the distance of 817 km from Addis Ababa and 198km from jinka the capital city of south omo zone and the altitude of the farm area is 380 mm above sea level with annual rain fall of about 400 mm wich is ideal for the production of cotton and various cash crops.

The agricultural development emphasizes on the production of cash crops especially of quality lint cotton for local and export market as well as cotton seed for local consumption of edible oil factories and other horticultural crops by using mechanized agricultural methods.

Contact Info.

Head Office

  • TEL. +251 114 670461
  • FAX. +251 114 671323
  • Y & H Bldg.  5th Floor, Meskel Flower Road, In front of CBE Meskel Flower Branch
  • PO Box 124481 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Farm Location

  • Southern Nations Nationalities and People Region in South Omo Zone in Gnagatom Wereda around the area of Aypa Kebele
  • TEL. +251 046-899-0315